Bristol Geese logo design

At the moment we’re just choosing a logo. We can choose the shirt colour later, once we have a logo.

The shirt printer has said that some of these ideas will not really work printed on a t-shirt. I have used a traffic light system to indicate which designs will need to be changed quite a bit. If a red design is chosen, it’ll need some quite big changes!

This vote is only open to people who are eligable to play for Bristol Geese. Each player gets 1 vote.
You can vote for your own logo.

Please could the parents DM me their children’s vote on whatsApp.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them!

1. Angry Bird

2. Balloon Goose

3. Bird Intellect

4. BUG

5. Flock

6. Geeeeeese

7. Honk!

8. Top Geece

9. Frisbeee

10. Spiral

11. ‘The’ Bristol Geese

12. Green Disc

13. Yellow Text