Lost Discs

Lost discs officer: Johnnie (JBB).

Lost and Found disc form.

If you find a disc, and you know who it belongs to, please try to return it to that person.

Any other ‘found’ discs should be placed in the metal box on the back of out information sign which is located at what3words.com/jazz.woof.sentences

Johnnie picks up these discs, and will endeavour find the owner and return it to them. If you are not a local, you might be able to arrange a meet up tournament or mutual acquaintance, or he can posts discs for a flat fee of £5. This covers the price of postage, packaging and the hassle of standing in a slow moving queue at the Post Office.

Alternatively, you can donate your lost (or found) disc to the club. Discs that have been donated, or remain unclaimed for more than four months, are sold to club members in an auction. All proceeds go to the club. We feel that it’s better to give a disc new life than have them sitting around on a shelf gathering dust.

If you found a disc that has ended up in the auction, you will have the opportunity to put a veto bid on it, and can therefore own it semi-legitimately and bag it without guilt.

If you have bought a disc in the auction, you might find yourself confronted by the original and rightful owner. If this happens, know that we have tried but failed to return it to them, and that you bought it in good faith. How you deal with the situation is between you both, however we hope that our members behave as they would like to be treated if the tables were turned.

If you have lost or found a disc, fill in this form.