Ashton Court Club News

Gofundme part 2

The council have agreed the positions of the six new baskets in Smyth Meadow!

This is a huge step forward for us. We’ve purchased the baskets (at an excellent price) and sprayed them grey in accordance with the councils ‘low impact’ requirements, and they’re in my backyard awaiting installation.

The future ‘Down Under’ fairway.

This will mean that the gofundme campaign funded an incredible 10 new baskets! Not only that, but for a brief period we should have an unbelievable 20 baskets on the course – unbelievable because this time last year we thought the course was going to be pulled out. What a difference a bit of community spirit can achieve!

Approach to the monster hole 1.

However, although we have the go ahead from the council to install the baskets, we’re going to wait for a few months.

We didn’t take this decision lightly, as we’re very keen to get the new holes in, but there are two good reasons to delay:

  1. We’re having a heat wave and the ground is very hard.
  2. Smyth Meadow is literally an unmown meadow during the summer, with the tall grasses reaching 4 or 5 feet high in some places. Rather than install the holes and then have them unplayable, we’re going to wait until late summer, then beat them in over the winter.

We’re aware that these holes might become unplayable in future summers, that’s something we’ll have to live with.