The Par 5

Par 5 Distance 286.2m | 939ft

For the tee, walk towards the old gatehouse, hopefully you can see where to play from.

The basket is beyond the trees in the distance!

On this hole, if you go OB from the tee, you must proceed to the drop zone (+ 1 penalty) – you cannot play from where the disc left the fairway. DZ marked yellow on the map.

[OB clarification]; The island of OB half way down the fairway:
The posts make a semi circle, in addition we use the trunk of the second (right hand) tree. So it is possible to land to the right of the right hand tree and still be in bounds.

The road, and everything left of it is OB. The first posted area is also OB. The posted area near the basket is not currently OB.

The basket: