Ashton Court Summer League

A 10 week disc golf league at Ashton Court: Format, rules, and scoring.Weekly rounds will take place on Tuesdays at 6:00pm but you don’t have to play at that time, nor submit that scorecard. This is just to create a community feel and provide a regular slot to plan around.

There will always be at least one Advanced player available to support the Beginner division.

Each person submits one scorecard by midnight on Tuesday each week. Cards can be uploaded to the Summer League Facebook event using the ‘Create and Share Image’ option in the Udisc app.

Scorecards must include at least two people for verification (no 18 under par solo scorecards please!). You can play multiple rounds on Tuesday or any other day but you can only submit one ‘best’ scorecard per week, before midnight on Tuesdays.

There are two divisions, ‘Beginner’ and ‘Advanced’. You decide at the beginning which division you want to play in.

Advanced players always play the Standard 15 holes. (Safari cards can also be submitted, but holes #9, #14 & #17 won’t count.)

Beginner players always play the Medium 16 hole course.
[In future leagues we will vary the courses to include Mendip and maybe other courses. For example; week 1 at Ashton Court, week 2 at Mendip.]

Cost and Prizes:
Everyone pays £1 for the whole 10 weeks. Prizes for each division winner. Amount for winners and prizes for 2nd, 3rd, depend on number of entrants and will be clarified ASAP.

Scoring: The Beginner division will be ‘handicapped’ so that entrants have a clear idea of their progress over the 10 weeks. The Advanced division will play off scratch (no handicap) and the winner will be the player with the lowest average score.

Beginners: Your first 4 submitted rounds will create a handicap for you. Your best 5 handicapped scores will give you your league position. All you need to do is submit your scorecards, we’ll do the rest, but in-case you’re interested, here’s how we will work out the handicap:

Both courses are Par 49.
Your handicap is the difference between your score, and the par.

Very, very simple example: if you shoot four rounds and get 54 each time, your handicap is 49 – 54 = -5.
Therefore all your scores will have 5 strokes deducted and you would have four handicapped rounds, each of 49.
Once you’ve submitted four league rounds, your handicap is fixed for the rest of this 10 week league. In addition your handicap will be retrospectively applied to these early rounds.
In your next round you shoot 50, so the handicapped score for that round will be 45. Well done.

There’s a handy calculator here:
We can use the Par for the ‘course rating’, and an arbitrary figure of 100 for the ‘course slope’.Above all, have fun! Enjoy learning the game, the course, and meeting new people.

Feel free to post any questions or comments on this Event page. This will be a socially responsible and distanced gathering. The British Disc Golf Association (BDGA) guidance on safe disc golf play will be followed at all times.