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Purple @ Mendip

Some of you may have seen the Purple course at Mendip on the UDisc app, the idea was to make an extended round that takes in both the Red and Blue courses with a few extra holes thrown in. The full Purple is a par 79 and is made up of the following holes….

Play Red holes 1 to 10

11. Horseshoe

12. Old 18

13. Blue 1

14. Green 2

15,16,17… play Blue 2,3,4

18. Play to the Green basket in front of you from the ‘Superman Tee’

19-24. Blue 5 [ to the nipple] and then continue on the Blue course playing holes 6 to 10

25. ‘Over Horseshoe’… play from Horseshoe tee to the the green basket beyond the water trough, OB both inside & on the track. Drop Zone, out of the gate on the right hand side of track, level with the timber gate posts. Caution: check that the fairways are clear all the way to the woods on the left before driving on this hole, RHBH drives can fade a long way left, as always… don’t drive if it’s not safe to do so.

26. Finish on Green hole 18


It makes a great way to play the best of Mendip, takes about 2.5 hours to play. Ash has set a benchmark of 82 [ +3 ]